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Announcement: Save 2 Birds With One Net is in the process of getting a new look. S2BWON will change to SAVE2BIRDS.ORG

Save 2 Birds With One Net is not about products or just about becoming the official alternative to "Kill Two Birds With One Stone." This idiom will appear on other projects for the purpose of showing the heart of God to provide for people in need.   

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The logo has purpose. The hand represents what we do as people  (accomplishing two or more things with one single action). The plant represents God's provision for you the donor (who may also be in the income level for this program), the homeless, and the people that receive the help they need. 

Phase 1

Sell the first 3,000 products on this site in order to... 

Phase 2

Fund an invention for a needed household product in order to....

Phase 3

Help fund the "Save 2 Birds A Hand Up Charity"

For the homeless

  The vision of the Save 2 Birds A Hand Up Charity is to greatly reduce or eliminate the need for the unsheltered homeless to panhandle on the street in severe weather conditions, give a hand up for those who do desire to work, help reduce or eliminate scammers posing as homeless people, people having their children panhandle on the street with them or just having children with them, and to give the donor peace of mind that their money is not going to be used for drugs and alcohol.

   Giving money to the Save 2 Birds A Hand Up Charity, will pay the stores and food establishments that allow the homeless to get what they need with the exception of cigarettes, alcohol, electronics, certain household goods that require electricity along with unnecessary items not appropriate for outdoor living , and toys ($10 or under - this is to prevent the giving of valuable toys in exchange for drugs). They will be able to obtain a social security card, ID card, private mailbox (since an address is needed to get a job), access to public transportation, and shelter.

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For People in Need

Save 2 Birds A Hand Up Charity will be the first charity accessible through gift cards found at the grocery store. This charity's focus is on working individuals in need even if living in the same household who make $56,000 per year or less. The gift cards can be used up to 9, 6, or 4 times per year depending on individual income based on three income categories. If needed, the money can be given all at once for large purchases such as a vehicle for work or to pay off a debt, etc. The gift cards are for shelter (where you live), groceries (with the exception of alcohol and cigarettes), transportation, and bills/debts.

I'm humbled by the desire Jesus has placed in my heart to reach out to people in need. God not only wants to meet financial needs but every need of our lives and ultimately to know Him - Lacresha 

Isaiah 41:20 - So that people may see and know, may consider and understand, that the hand of the Lord has done this,....

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