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So, how's it going?

Here is where updates and information concerning phase 1-3 listed on the purpose page will appear here. 

Phase 1 update 

So far two of the collections "Why kill two birds" and "Save 2 birds with one net baby birds" are now available. There are still 2 more product collections to design in phase 1 before completion. Today, November 12th, is the first day I will begin to market this website. Not many people have seen it, which is why there has been no sales. But that is about to change and we will be on our way to helping so many people in need. God bless you!

Goal: Sell the first 3,000 products or make $3000 which will complete the purpose for Phase 1 

Number of Products sold:

Phase 2 update 

Goal: Phase 1 funded household invention 



Phase 3 update 

Goal: Save 2 Birds A Hand Up Charity phase 2 invention donations per unit sold, individual donations, and business donations


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