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Save Two Birds With One Net

/sāv/  /to͞o/  /bərds/  /wiT͟H/  /wən/ / ˈnet/

Announcement: Save 2 Birds With One Net is in the process of getting a new look. S2BWON will change to SAVE2BIRDS.ORG

  • to achieve two or more things by doing a single action

(Definition Upgraded)

1.  I might as well save two birds with one net and drop off my tax forms and grab a bite to eat while I'm at the mall for the computer part I need.

Save Time

2. Bike-to-work schemes are a great way of saving two birds with one net: getting more exercise while cutting down on the cost of your daily commute.

Save Money

3. As long as I was in town on business, I thought I'd save two birds and connect with my friends too.

Good Opportunity

City Biking
Friends & Pizza
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