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First of all I want to thank everyone who has visited this site and for everyone who will assist me with the vision to help fund Save 2 Birds A Hand Up Charity. This is a donation page towards the invention that will help fund the charity using a portion of all proceeds from the sales of the invention. The goal is the first 3,000 products sold on the shop page, or $3,000 in donations, or a combination of the two. I'm only able to give minimal information as this is a confidential process during its final stages. However, I wanted to disclose enough information for you to understand what you're purchasing and/or donating towards for Phase 2

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The invention will turn a house fan into a cooler in a cool simple way thus "Simply Cool". If you would like to donate, instead of or in addition to purchasing product on this website towards the Phase 2 project that will help fund the Save 2 Birds A Hand Up Charity, You may do so by donating offline via Venmo or CashApp or online via PayPal below. Progress updates will be posted on the updates page and on Facebook. Thank you!

Save 2 Birds With One Net

Lacresha J $S2BWON

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