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More Than just An Alternative to "Kill Two Birds With One Stone"


Announcement: Save 2 Birds With One Net is in the process of getting a new look. S2BWON will change to SAVE2BIRDS.ORG

Hello Everyone! My name is Lacresha Johnson. I coined (came up with a new way to say something) the phrase "Save 2 Birds With One Net." I used to wonder if there would ever be a positive alternative to the popular idiom "Kill Two Birds With One Stone." I always liked the idiom but not the word "Kill" and "Stone". I began thinking about it more. How can we come up with an alternative way of saying "Kill Two Birds With One Stone" without completely changing it.  


One day the thought came (it was a God-inspired idea). Why don't I just change "Kill" to "Save" and "Stone" to "Net". From that day on, the saying wasn't spoken to anyone except a few people in 2010 who used "kill two birds with one stone" while having a conversation with me. 

In 2015, the alternative idiom was entered into the computer on a Word document and a picture was added. In 2017, I began to learn Photoshop. In 2018, I made my first Photoshop designs that was good enough to go outside my home. The logo design was quite different back then. But that's the fun part. I wanted the words "Save 2 Birds With One Net" to be able to take on any shape or form without being limited to a specific look with the exception of the logo. Below are some old designs I thought would be fun to see. God bless you all! 

christmas magnet.jpg

This is a Christmas magnet I did in 2019

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